Modeling of a conceptual yacht and creating an animation video.

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In 2010, Ray Bradbury said that humanity is obstinately consuming instead of learning science and furrowing space. We find the selfie stick to be a very useful item, and to a certain degree, a necessary device, and we definitely don't find anything terrible about it. But this does not diminish in any way our enthusiasm in work when it comes to futuristic conceptual objects.
The job of modeling and creating an animation for the superyacht of the future MONACO 2050 for Vasily Klyukin has been completed. The concept of this unique yacht combines a floating and a flying machine, a traditional yacht and a hybrid helicopter with a futuristic design. Such a yacht can already be put in production today, but the flight distance will be limited. The creator's idea lies in the fact that in time helicopters will be equipped with reaction engines and that will open a new chapter in yacht construction and usher in new and tremendous possibilities.

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