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Visualization / Modeling / Animation / 3d Illustration

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Welcome to CGEAS! We are a team of professionals specializing in 3D graphics. Our company employs visual effects designers, interactive designers, illustrators, copywriters, 3D modelers and animators.

This way, for the execution of a job, CGEAS will rely exclusively on its own in-house creative company potential, making sure to preserve confidentiality and deliver exclusive results.


Think of the content that you want to enclose in a created object, and only then form will come. The thing will have a soul. And soul, unlike form, is difficult to copy.

Architectural 3D visualisation has various goals and vast possibilities: it allows the presentation of the subject in any weather conditions and at any time of the day, work out the lighting, recreate surroundings in detail, show the layout. Effective visualisation for exterior accomplishes several tasks at once: it conveys with maximum accuracy the architect’s vision, allows the demonstration of the project’s smallest details, removes the possibility of misconstruction between creator and user, and, most importantly, provides a powerful advertising tool.
We create effective marketing architectural visualisations as well as presentation videos and panoramic tours. Our main objective is to evoke a positive response from the end user, and to convey accurately both the form of your architectural idea and its content, future atmosphere and mood. Maximum photorealism, meticulous recreation of details, a creative approach that takes into account all the subtleties and rules of European practices in photography and visualisation: we put our soul into every job we do and we pride ourselves on that.

I am fascinated by unusual materials and instruments... I think of myself more as a craftsman and not a designer.

How to present an object in its every detail, to show it from any angle, and at the same not have the object itself? How to embody the boldest fantasy into a form without using materials and large financial expenses? How to create a unique object? How to diversify an existing landscape with a non-existent object? Today, these and many other tasks, can be accomplished with the help of 3D modeling. 3D modeling is used in computer games, film, advertising, and obviously in any presentation and advertising material.
We can create for you a 3D model of anything–a vehicle, airplane, furniture, interior, art work, mobile phone, seaside, a destroyed building or your beloved dog – nothing is impossible for us. In addition, using 3D modeling we can produce an animated advertisement and quality illustrations for booklets and catalogues. An advertisement that looks good and exclusive and advantageously presents your product does not only increase sales but also creates a positive impression about your company as a reliable organization that appreciates and takes pride in its work.

I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known.

In the era of media content, the most effective means of communicating is video. No other method of presenting information compares to video in its illustrative potential, the volume of information it can transmit and the wide audience it can reach. With the help of a good storyboard, video is the easiest way to attract maximum attention of the user, leave an impression about the information contained, create and maintain the popularity of the product or service.
We create architectural animations as well as produce video presentations of interiors or technology, advertisements of products and services, 3D panoramic tours, infographics of any level of complexity. Videos created by experienced employees at our company can increase sales, attract new clients, create an image for the product and company–depending on the client’s needs, we can find an effective solution for any task.

What's important is not to fear original ideas. Create things that the longer you look at, the better they become.

The most effective, clear and accessible means of presenting any idea, project, object or service is an illustration. Besides, an illustration created with 3D graphics often has numerous advantages in comparison with a regular, even if a very good photograph, and can successfully replace a photo in cases where photography is an expensive or impossible solution. This is the main advantage of 3D illustration: it has no boundaries, no frames. We will spare no effort at CGEAS to give your every fantasy a visual form.
We create 3D illustrations of any complexity and in any sphere: marketing visualisations for exterior and interior, posters for advertisements of a product or service, game projects, presentations and exhibitions, technical plans and schemes, medical illustrations, and many others. Get in touch with us and you will receive a full range of services from modeling to rendering in any resolution on our own equipment, as we do not send any material to third parties.

Who told you that it's impossible? And who are they to use so lightly the word “impossible” when talking about your ideas!

You have an unusual task before you. All you have to do is get in touch with us and inform us about what you want to see. And we will offer you various options for a solution of various levels of complexity and for different budgets. Our studio practically carries out all types of jobs using 3D visualisation.
Main services:
- visualisation for interior and exterior;
- architectural animation and video;
- 3D modeling of any complexity;
- infographics and presentation;
- photography.


We’ve created print and digital work for some of the world’s most exciting brands. And we’d be thrilled to add your name to our list of happy clients. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can be of help to you.


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